“I was in search for some High Expression Hawaiian Mourning Geckos and had given up on finding any local and I came across Sandy and I checked her page out and sent her a message. We began to chat and talk back and forth and it ended up I was close enough to make the drive and meet her face to face to pick up my High Expression Hawaiian mourning geckos from her. She absolutely loves all of her reptiles and she gives them the most love and care and she truly is concerned about just not sending her babies out with just anyone that is not going to continue to love their new reptile after the newness wears off and I don’t blame her one bit!! She is the most down to earth, good, honest, trustworthy Christian Lady and I am so blessed to have her now as a Reptile Friend and I highly recommend anyone that is searching to reach out to her in full confidence that you are going to be receiving the most healthy well cared for reptile. I would rank her 100% in every category, you will not regret getting your next reptile from Aunt Sandy’s Skinks!!”