Mourning Geckos

Name :

Mourning Geckos

Life Span :

10-15 years

About Mourning Geckos

Mourning Geckos (Lepidodactylus lugubris) are a very small climbing gecko, around 4” long as adults (1” long as new hatchlings). They are parthenogenetic, meaning they are all female and create offspring that are nearly perfect clones of themselves. They could possibly create a male but he would be a sterile specimen. 

These adorable little lizards make wonderful display animals in a planted (real or fake plants) escape proof humid vivarium. You will enjoy their “chirps” and “squeaks” early morning and again at evening. It’s best to not handle these girls as they are extremely good escape artists! Aunt Sandy’s Skinks sells these in pairs. We sell the Hawaiian Type Mourning Gecko, with a High Expression of black dots lining both sides of their backs and sometimes down their tails.